Offering Japan Quality in Ho Chi Minh

We aim to be a leader in small cargo distribution in Vietnam.

Tsukishima Soko Vietnam

We established Tsukishima Soko Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh in 2020. We actively conduct marketing surveys on small cargo distribution in the city, ranging from local, low-temperature food delivery to market development of Japan-originated commercial items.

In a tie-up with Tracimexco - Supply Chains and Agency Services J.S CO (TRA-SAS), a major logistics company in Vietnam, we have helped many Japanese firms which plan to launch their operations in Vietnam.

In the lively Vietnamese market, we are working hard to expand distribution services with Japan quality.

Main businesses

- Freight forwarding services (for marine and air transport)
- General cargo transport services
- Refrigerated fresh food delivery services
- Sales of ice packs and rental of refrigerant
- Import and sales of goods and commissioned license registration
- Sales of liquor